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Tour dates - concerts 2014:

This list is not complete - sorry about the fact that this list has not been updated.


1. - 11. Abroad

12. - 14. Oslo

18. Concert at Håndverkeren, Kristiansand, Norway

Konsert - Domkirken


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Hilde Hefte is the opening the concert-serie at Håndverkeren, Kristiansand... Håndverkeren


Click photo to read about what Håndverkeren says about the fact that Hilde Hefte is opening this string of concerts..

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24. Event

Tour dates - concerts 2013:

This list is not complete :(


Various events

17. Singing at the ceremony of Vest-Agder County's cultural price.


1. Duo-concert

10. Gjestebud - Duo

Konsert - Domkirken

28. Christmas Concert- Kristiansand Cathedral, Kristiansand

Artists: Marte Wulff, Askil Holm, Caroline Eid Nodeland, Alejandro Fuentes, Hilde Hefte, Egil Kapstad, Andrew Wilder, André Vaale, Høvåg Storband, The Norwegian Gospel Singers, Konsertkor (KKOK + Gaasehud)

Musicians: Bjørn Charles Dreyer - guitar, Oscar Jansen - piano, Morten Martens Øvensen - bass, Bruce Rasmussen - drums

Tickets can be bought via Kilden Performing Art Center and Kirkens Bymisjon

Click here for Kilden Performing Art Center to buy tickets..

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Newspaper article about the concert. Click photos if you want to read it... But I'm so sorry; it is only in Norwegian:

Jul s.1 Fvn





Jul s.2 Fvn

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14. Private concert

Sorry that some of the concert-dates is not here on the tour-page.


Camilla Collett 200 år10th: Concert at Ravnedalen (The Raven-Valley), Kristiansand, Norway

Celebrating Camilla Collett and womens rights.

Artists on stage:

Alice & The Mountain

Hilde Hefte & Vidar Bø

Annbjørg Lien & Bjørn Ole Rasch

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Newspaper interviewabout the concert. Click photos if you want to read it... But I'm so sorry; it is only in Norwegian:

Fvn side 1

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Fvn side 2

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17th: Concert - more info coming up

30st: Singing for the receiver of "Erik By's in Memoriam prize"

31st: Tønsberg


17th: Concert - Kilden Concert & Opera House "Sommerkilden"


Billettservice5th.: Concert - Oslo:

Kulturkirken Jacob

Tickets at Ticketmaster Norge....


11th: Kilden Concert & Opera House: Women's right to vote - The Jubilee.


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TBA: Concert in Grimstad, Norway - more info coming up


29th: Concert - Private event


Release new album

5th: Release from the distriubtion: Musikkoperatørene www.musikkoperatorene.no (Sorry, but Musikkoperatørene's site is only in Norwegian, but you can reach by phone and by e-mail in English :-)

6th: Writing autographs and smiling, being so very happy that my new album is finally out in the world. This is happening at the wonderful "Kaffe & Pasta" (Skippergt., Kristiansand, Norway).


Finishing the record at the studio


Finishing the record at the studio

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