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Playsong - the music of Bill Evans:

An Evening in PragueAlbum: Hilde Hefte

Title: Playsong - the music of Bill Evans

Cat. No.: HCRCD 133

Music arrangements by Hilde Hefte & Egil Kapstad / All String Quartet arrangements by Egil Kapstad

Musicians: Hilde Hefte voc. / Egil Kapstad piano / Jan Allan trumpet / Nisse Sandström sax. / Cikada String Quartet: Henrik Hannisdal, Morten Hannisdal, Odd Hannisdal, Marek Konstantynowicz / Bjørn Alterhaug bass / Eyvind Olsen Wahlen drums

Children guided and conducted by Randi Berge Wandrup and recorded in Kristiansand, Norway by John Reidar Bøe.

Producer: Jon Larsen / Sound engineering: Jan Erik Kongshaug

Recorded February 26th to 28th 2001 and mixed April 17th and 18th 2001 in Rainbow Studio

Cover art: Simen Hefte Endresen / All photos: Frøydis Geithus / Cover design: Aina Griffin

Awarded through the jazz magazine Jazz Nytt (in Norway) - this years best jazz album in 2002.

Released 2001


1. Children's Playsong

2. Interplay

3. My Bells

4. Five

5. Remembering The Rain/Blue In Green


l Prologue / Storyline

ll Time Remembered / Turn Out The Stars/Epilogue

8. Only Child

9. Peri's Scope*

10. Waltz for Debby

11. The Two Lonely People

All compositions by Bill Evans

Lyrics: Tracks 3, 7, 10 by Gene Lees. Track 4 by Janice Borla. Track 8 by Roger Schore. Track 11 by Carol Hall

* A special thanks to Tom Harrell and John Coltrane for "lending" me their solos.


The track "Waltz for Debby" is licensed by Celeste in Japan for a jazz CD.

The track "Playsong" licensed for an album in Japan

February 2007: Bill Jacobs at Sonic Wheel (USA):


(5 stars) Among the most beautiful and touching jazz ever recorded.
On Playsong you will find some of the most beautiful and touching jazz ever recorded. Hilde's unique ability to touch hearts and souls with her voice can only be attributed to her intelligence, integrity, empathy, and humility, together with a lot of talent and hard work... all qualities rare in the music industry. Add several of the best jazz musicians in the world today, and you have another very special Hilde Hefte album.

September 2006: Nordishe Musik (Germany)


(5 stars)

The music magazine Orkesterjournalen (Sweden):

The first thing that strikes you is how beautiful Hilde Hefte and her musicians are taking care of this historical music. She is a vocalist who is listening. Playsong is not an ego-project, this album is not made for showing everybody her musical talent. It feels like Hilde Hefte is a part of this group. Really wonderful.


The music magazine Jazz Stage (Sweden):

Hilde Hefte has managed holding an non-artistical atitude, and the result is an interpretation that I would call heartfelt. It is Hilde Hefte who is touching my heart.


The music magazine Jazz Spesial (Denmark):

Hilde Hefte interprets Evans with warmth and it's crystal clear....  the best album ever since Bill Evans own recordings together with Tony Bennett.


The music magazine Jazzpodium (Germany):

Playsong is lyrical, elegant and sophisticated. Wonderful that Hilde Hefte starting this album not using lyrics, but  only sings pianissimo and soft. As a composer Bill Evans is a genious and so is the jazz vocalist Hilde Hefte.


Awarded through the jazz magazine Jazz Nytt (in Norway) - this years best jazz album in 2002.

24 hours jazzradiostation San Francisco (USA):
It's breathtaking.

Newspapers in Norway:

Terning 6Øvre Smaalene: One can still experince our ears being seduced. Hilde Hefte's latest record is without a doubt one of those. The final result is tender, beautiful and delicat.

Terning 6Fvn: One hour with music so beautiful that one just have to sit very quiet with ones ears open and eyes closed. She masteres her voice-instrument with unusual technical skils. She's comunicates her music to her listeners that you'll very rarely find. Very rarely one can hear so delicious formed jazz.

terning 5Telemarksavisa: Can anyone sing subdued? Hilde Hefte can - all the way to the last note. This is vocal-art on the highest level.


terning 5

Hamar Dagblad: Hilde Hefte has a special pleasant voice and lifting this record through her improvisations.

terning 5

Østlendingen: Everything is so technical perfectly done that it's hard not being impressed.

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COMPOSERS/MUSICIANS: Dag Arnesen, Tine Asmundsen, Tore Brunborg, Hilde Hefte, Egil Kapstad, Jan Erik Kongshaug, Knut Kristiansen, Hallgeir Pedersen, Live Maria Roggen, Marit Sandvik

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