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2017: Ponca Jazz Records: Quiet Dreams

2014: Coreport, Japan: Memory Suite

2013: Ponca Jazz Records: Short Stories

2012: Track from "Playsong" licensed to Japan

2011: Putamaya Records, New York: Bossa Nova Around The World

2010: Track from "Playsong" licensed to Celéste - Japan

2009: Fight Apathy

2009: Hot Club Records: A Portrait of Jon Larsen

2008: Vi aner deg

2007: Ponca Jazz Records: An Evening in Prague (with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orch.)

2006: Ponca Jazz Records: On The Corner

2005: Ponca Jazz Records: Jazz Collection 1

2004: Paul Weeden/Grønnes Jazzforsyning: Nice, but Easy

2003: Ponca Jazz Records: Hildes bossaHefte

2003: Hot Club Records: Jon Larsen: The Next Step

2002: Kultur & Spetakkel: spor.sorland

2001: Ponca Jazz Records: Playsong - the music of Bill Evans

2001: Ola Kvernberg: Violin/Ola Kvernberg

1999: Ponca Jazz Records: 'Round Chet's Midnight

1997: Kråka Knas with among others the actress Minken Fossheim. Prod. by Torstein Andersen

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