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'Round Chet's Midnight:

An Evening in PragueAlbum: Hilde Hefte

Title: 'Round Chet's Midnight

Cat. No.: HCRCD 126

Musicians: Hilde Hefte voc / Egil Kapstad piano / Nisse Sandström sax / Bjørn Alterhaug bass / Eyvind Olsen Whalen drums

Recorded at Rainbow Studio, Oslo, Norway May 3rd and 4th 1999 by Jan Erik Kongshaug. Mixed same place August 25th 1999
Produser: Jon Larsen / Alle photos: Frøydis Geithus/ Make-up on cover by Aina B. Vatlestad / Cover design: Jan Andersen Reklamebyrå A/S

Awarded by Randi Hultin in the jazz magazine Jazznytt - best jazz album of the year.

Released 1999


1. Just Friends - Sam M. Lewis / John Klenner

(Hefte voc, Kapstad pno, Sandströ tenorsax, Alterhaug b, Wahlendrums)


2. Close Enough For Love - Johnny Mandel / Paul Williams

(like track 1.)


3. I Will Wait For You - Michel Legrand / Norman Gimbel

(Hefte voc, Kapstad pno)


4. When Lights Are Low - Benny Carter / Williams

(like 1. and 2.)


5. Bye - Bye Blackbird - Ray Henderson / Mort Dixon

(Hefte voc, Kapstad pno, Alterhaug b)


6. Easy Money - Rickie Lee Jones

(Hefte voc, Alterhaug b)


7. My Buddy - G. Kahn / W. Donaldson

(like 1., 2. and 4.)


8. The Ballad of Thelonious Monk - Jimmy Rowles

(like 1., 2., 4. and 7.)


9. Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams - Johnny Mandel / Alan & Marilyn Bergman

(like 1., 2., 4., 7. and 8.)


10. Köp min skatt / Love For Sale - Cole Porter/Cornelis Vreeswijk / Östen Warnerbring/Hilde Hefte

(Hefte voc, Kapstad pno)


11. Don't Explain - Billie Holiday / Arthur Herzog

(Hefte voc, Sandström tenorsax)


12. 'Round Midnight - Thelonious Monk / Williams

(like 1., 2., 4., 7., 8. and 9)


The music magazine Listen to Norway:
One of the most interesting new names in Norwegian jazz at the moment.

Down Beat (USA):
Norwegian discovery.
Hilde Hefte is making waves on the Norwegian scene.

Jazz Journal (England):
She is not a beginner, knows how to phrase and swing,
and interprets lyrics with care and understanding. Very good sound.

 Bestenchend ist ihre enorme gesangliche ausducksweise,
ein Hauch Melancholie und viel herz.

The music magazine Orkesterjournalen (Sweden):
Hefte is singing with a genuine jazz feeling.

The music magazine Jazz Stage (Sweden):
Hilde Hefte has got that special talent which gives her distans, tradition and humor,
but so soulfull in the ballads.

The music magazine Jazz Special (Denmark):
So close to her listeners in her interpretation.

4 stars

Jazznytt (The Norwegian Jazz Magazine): Hilde Hefte; The sensation. Little Jimmy Scott couldn't have done this better. Noble Chamber music.

Musikken/NRK: We'll live with this release for a long long time. Thank you for finally releasing an album Hilde Hefte.

Puls: This I will call a sensation.

Newspapers in Norway:

terningkast 5

Dagbladet: Hilde Hefte's CD is in its quality sensational. Impressiv in her style-quality.


terningkast 5

Telemark Arbeiderblad

terningkast 5



terningkast 5

Nordlands Framtid


terningkast 5

Hamar Dagblad


terningkast 5



Fvn: This is Chamber music on the highest level.

terning 5terning 5terning 5terning 5



Awarded by Randi Hultin in the jazz magazine Jazznytt - best jazz album of the year.

Record company & Distribution:


Ponca Jazz Records logoPonca Jazz Records / Org.No. 985094071

Web: www.poncajazzrec.no / e-mail: info@poncajazzrec.no / Tel: +47 913 84 357

Address: Post Box 440, 4664 Kristiansand, Norway

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MOMusikkoperatørene A/S
Address: Ryensvingen 3, 0680 Oslo
Postal Address: Post Box 29, Manglerud, 0612 Oslo, Norway

Web: www.musikkoperatorene.no / e-mail: info@musikkoperatorene.no Tel: +47 23 21 01 20

Photo gallery - 'Round Chet's Midnight:


COMPOSERS/MUSICIANS: Dag Arnesen, Tine Asmundsen, Tore Brunborg, Hilde Hefte, Egil Kapstad, Jan Erik Kongshaug, Knut Kristiansen, Hallgeir Pedersen, Live Maria Roggen, Marit Sandvik

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